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Adjacent Project: Cottonwoods Connection

An image of Little Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant shows basins filled with water in front of the brown treatment plant building. In the background are brown and green mountains, with some snow and long brown and green grasses across the landscape.

The Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy (MWDSLS) and SLCDPU are undertaking a construction project to place a new pipeline that parallels the Salt Lake Aqueduct (SLA) between the BCWTP at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and the Little Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant in Cottonwood Heights. 

For more information about this project, please visit the project website and submit questions, comments, or concerns using the contact information below. 

The Cottonwoods Connection Project construction schedule shows 2022 – 2025. 2022 includes project kickoff, geotechnical testing, and pre-design. 2023 shows final design and project advertisement (only in November – December). 2024 – June 2025 shows construction of the new pipeline taking place.
Cottonwoods Connection project logo. An illustrated light blue water droplet appears over a navy blue pool of water. "COTTONWOODS CONNECTION" appears in the navy blue to the right of the graphic, with "Safeguarding Your Water" appearing in a lighter blue, cursive font. Below both lines of text reads "A Metro Water Project" in black.
The Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy Logo, showing a canyon with water flowing downwards among black silhouetted trees and a mountain peak in the background. The water appears between 19 and 35.
The Salt Lake City Seal appears at the top of this logo in all black: the Salt Lake City City Hall building is surrounded by the city’s name. Below the city seal are the words “Public” in a medium blue, sans serif font with the dot above the I depicted as a raindrop, and “Utilities” below it in the same sans serif font, although in a light green with the opening of the lower case “e” depicted as a leaf.
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