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Path to the Project

Alternative Selection Process

The decision to rebuild the Big Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant came after carefully considering alternative strategies and factors like cost, water health and safety, and reliable structure integrity.

An organizational chart from left to right that shows the selection process. The starting Alternatives in the March 2021 date range are symbolized by many light blue, semitransparent dots. These dots appear in the first stage, “Screening” (April/May 2021). The dots are decreased in the next stage, “Cost Estimating and Evaluation Criteria,” from April/May 2021 to June/July/2021. The dots further decrease until there are only 4 in the next stage, “Risk and reward,” which appears within the date range from July/August 2021 to September 2021. In the final stage, there is only one light blue dot left for the September 2021 date range.

-- Regionalization possibilities

-- Limit sunk costs

Options included:

  • Expanding current footprint

  • Moving to a new location

  • Rebuilding within the current footprint

 The below guiding principles also facilitated this project's future.

Guiding Principles

A set of core values that establishes a framework for expected behavior and decision making.

It is a list of highly regarded and expected principles set

by an organization.

In a 2x3 row, icons accompany the six guiding principles that appear in a text-based description list below. The accompanying icons and principle categories are as follows: "This is a water treatment plant first" appears alongside a white cup icon filled with liquid. "Budget & Schedule" appears alongside a calendar icon with a coin that has a dollar sign on its face. "The 5Rs' is accompanied by a simple, white text-based icon ("5Rs"). "Sustainability" is accompanied by a white water droplet surrounded by two arrows pointing to one another in a circular configuration. "Health & Safety" is accompanied by a white shield with a light blue heart in its center. "Engagement & Education" is accompanied by a white icon of 3 people (heads and shoulders only).

For a text description of this image, please read below. 

1. This is a water treatment plant first: Treat Big Cottonwood Creek water to produce high quality drinking water for consumers.

2. Budget & Schedule: focus on staying within the budget and meeting the project schedule

3. The 5 Rs: Design to maximize resiliency, reliability, redundancy, and risk reduction. 

4. Sustainability: Align the facility with SLC Sustainability Goals through pursuing Envision Gold certification.

5. Heath & Safety: Protect public and water treatment plant staff health. Incorporate and consider safety throughout design, construction, and operation.

6. Engagement & Education: Incorporate public engagement and education and internal SLCDPU personnel where possible.

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